Virtual Remote Desktops for Everyone!

Whether you are a businessman or a student, you can benefit greatly from having your own Windows virtual remote desktop.

There are so many ways to use a virtual remote desktop that you may wonder how could you not use it before. Whether you use it as a file storage, as a 24×7 stock trading machine or as a game server, there is always something that can suit you most.

You can install any Windows-based software that you like – browsers, stock trading software, university applications, game servers, file servers and anything else! Enjoy the freedom of the 21st Century!

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All Your Files and Documents in One Place!

Each virtual remote desktop comes with plenty disk space where you can store, upload and keep all of your files from any other computer, including Mac’s and PC’s.

Moving files to your virtual remote desktop today is as easy as drag-and-dropping files from one folder on your local computer to another. Files to your virtual remote desktop can be transferred the same way and we have a number of great tutorials that will help you do that.

It is worth mentioning that data on your virtual remote desktop is as safe as on your local computer or even safer. This is because in our datacenter your data is spread across several hard disks and in case some of them fail, we always maintain a copy of your data. In comparison, if your hard disk fails on your local computer, your data may be lost. This does not happen with virtual remote desktops.

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MS Office 2010 – This Makes the Difference!

Each virtual remote desktop comes with the most recent MS Office 2010 pre-installed and included at no additional price!

MS Office 2010 is one of the most popular software packages in the world. However, for you to have access to your spreadsheets, Word documents and presentations you need to carry your laptop around. Or have a copy of them with you on a flash drive. But what if you forgot to copy some files to the flash card or did not take your laptop with you today? Well, you don’t need to anymore.

With virtual remote desktop you can store all of your presentations, documents and spreadsheets in one secure place. And gain access to it whenever you want from any device that you have – be it a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or even an Android-based phone. You can finally have complete freedom from hardware!

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Virtual Desktops – Fast and Powerful!

Virtual remote desktops are on average 3x times more powerful and 10x times faster than a local computer.

This is due to the fact that virtual remote desktops operate in the “cloud”, which means they run in fast datacenters which have hundreds of servers working together to increase the performance and speed. For example, if your local computer has 10 Mbit broadband connection, each virtual desktop has 100 Mbit connection. This means you can download files to your virtual remote desktop at the very fast speeds.

Depending on the virtual desktop package you select, you can also expect to have a fast CPU and memory at all times.

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World map

Select your preferred location – USA or Europe!

Currently we provide virtual remote desktops in two great locations – Germany and USA, where our datacenters are located.

These locations ensure that whether you are in Europe or USA, you will have fast access to your virtual remote desktop from any device. You no longer need to worry about connection speed or anything like that. Your virtual remote desktop will work fast whether you use Wi-Fi, Broadband or even a 3G connection on your phone.

If you need to work on the go, there is no other alternative to a Remote Desktop!

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